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¡Gigante Despierta! Giant Awake!

My thoughts: This is a powerful compilation of clips that cover the Immigrant Rights Marches of 2006. While this is a relatively short film, through a series of personal narratives, it provides a glimpse into the complex lives of the people who are usually just referred to as amorphous "immigrants."

Their description: "Help us caption and translate this video on The Giant Awakens: In 2006, a historic mobilization for immigrant rights swept the USA as millions took the streets. Mainstream news media predictably covered the marches with a mix of surprise, ignorance, and racism, yet grassroots media activists were there to document the voices and the stories behind this mass movement. ¡Gigante: Despierta! is a DVD compilation of compelling short films from all around the country, due to hit the streets in the weeks before Mayday 2007. Shot, edited, and brought together by a network of independent video activists, graphic designers, community organizers, musicians, and immigrant rights activists, it is a collective memory and a tool to inspire action this MayDay 2007, when the Giant will raise its voice again to say: we are one people, without borders. We are here, and we are here to stay! Help us caption & translate this video!"

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