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Maquilapolis: City of Factories – Trailer – POV | PBS

This is an exceptional documentary that reveals what it means to live and work along the U.S.-Mexico border—powerful.  The director powerfully captures the blood, sweat, and resilience of the Mexican women who work in the so-called "maquilas."

Their description: "Just over the border in Mexico is an area peppered with maquiladoras: massive factories often owned by the world's largest multinational corporations. Carmen and Lourdes work at maquiladoras in Tijuana, where each day they confront labor violations, environmental devastation and urban chaos. "Maquilapolis: City of Factories" premiered on the P.O.V. series on Oct. 10, 2006. Listen to a podcast interview with the filmmaker, watch video not included in the film, access resources to help you be a more responsible consumer and find out about upcoming rebroadcasts of "Maquilapolis: City of Factories" on PBS: Official Home Page Check your local PBS listings here: "Behind the Lens" Filmmaker Interview Podcasts: If you get podcasts on iTunes: Find out about local P.O.V. screening events around the country: Stay in touch and never miss another broadcast! Sign up for P.O.V.'s email newsletter: "Unscripted shows are a staple of the TV landscape. But no reality series has ever packed as provocative a punch as public television's documentary showcase P.O.V." — Stephen Battaglio, TV Guide"

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